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TwoBears Medina - Creator/Author

TwoBears Medina, a Native American of the Apache tribe, grew up on a ranch near the Four Corners, where Itchy the goat was his boyhood pet. Itchy had a unique personality. He tried to emulate the animals he was raised with, especially wolf pups, Thunder and Lightning, his two best friends. After telling stories to friends of Itchy’s escapades, TwoBears was encouraged to write about them. Originally a screenwriter, TwoBears decided to share his Itchy tales with children, honoring his pet.

Sue Montgomery - Author

Sue Montgomery was raised in a small Texas town and now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. She never had a pet goat, but as a young child she often rode sheep on her uncle’s ranch. She has written two adult novels. This is her first children’s book.

Nicole Hastings - Illustrator

Nicole Hastings, born in Idaho Falls, is one of four children and a second year art major at Brigham Young University-Idaho. Drawing and illustrating has always been her passion. She had fun drawing Itchy.